At Designist, we work to build better experiences for brands. We specialize in experiential design and branding solutions for all our consumers.

Our design thinking approach helps us to gain a deeper understanding of human behaviors. These insights allow us to help brands improve their products and services or create new ones.

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Our goal here at Designist, is to provide you with a design thinking process for your brand which would result in a better human experience.

We love to work on projects which are challenging and have a positive influence on the society. One of our strong values is giving back to the community, which is why we hold workshops so people can get a deeper understanding of our processes.

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Designist is an Experience Design company which was founded by Hasan Habib, a design thinker. After completing his Masters in the UK, Mr. Habib moved to Pakistan and found himself working for several agencies. Working at these firms he realized that the companies were often just promoting products and trying to drive sales rather than understanding the customer's needs or wants. To fill in this gap Hasan started his own agency which would focus purely on the experience the brand should deliver to its end users.

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