Whatever we design,
We follow our approach

Our process

At Designist we follow a Human-Centered Design approach to solving challenges for our clients. We put the end users at the heart of our design process. We try to understand the needs and desires of the end users and our clients and then match it with what is technologically feasible to build and viable for the business.

Human-Centered Design Approach

Research & Identify

Deduce & Define

Ideate & Develop

Refine & Implement

Principles of Experience Design


By placing ourselves in the shoes of our end users, our perspective shifts and enables us to design for their needs and motivations.

Co Creative

Involving multiple stakeholders in the design process to gain insights, ideating together and building on each other’s ideas.


Setting the premise that one needs to believe that they can make changes no matter how difficult the circumstance is.

Understanding and designing each touch point step by step that a user is going to interact with.

Formulating the entire experience when multiple customer journeys are taken into account and each stakeholder is kept in mind.


Enabling your service and product to manifest itself through tangible artefacts based on real needs. This may include branding and marketing.


Learning by doing is the way one learns through experimentation. It is important to accept that nothing is perfect.


Making a tactile product for the users to test your idea and understand its workability.


Process to revisiting the design and altering it according to the user feedback received.

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