Mux Pakistan

Project Role

Brand Identity Design
Brand Positioning

Product and Brand Development for a home automation company

Our relationship with Husaini began in 2012 when we did a rebrand for their organization. Since then we have been working on their communication and interaction design. We have adapted their brand identity across all their platforms, run social media campaigns for them, improved their service delivery and worked on their signage for their new state of the art medical facility.

Logo Design

Logo Ideation

Logo Process

The Mux logo portrays the functionality of the brand, loud and clear. It incorporates associations of electrical power and connectivity with the letters of the name of the brand. This results in a logo which is type based yet is able to visually reflect the overall functionality of the brand. The letter “m” signifies flow and flexibility, “u” represents the power icon and “x” embodies connectivity and the wifi icon.

The clean, rounded feel of the type portrays the brand as modern and friendly. The added element of the dots on m and x represents the node of a circuit.

Brand Application