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The team visited schools in Mir Pur Khaas to observe how the Sabaq app is currently being used and to understand the interactions the children have with the app.

Students learning from app Students learning from app Asset 3
Team Member teaching the app usage Sabaq App in village school Asset 4
Sabaq App screen Asset 5 Asset 6

A school in Karachi was also visited where it was discussed with the instructors as to how the app can be improved and which features are more useful to them.

Heurestic Evaluation of App with teachers Asset 7

Heuristic evaluation of the current app was conducted with the Sabaq team professionals in order to locate the flaws in the flow of so that the identified issues could be addressed in the new wireframes.

Heurestic Evaluation of App with teachers Asset 8 Asset 9
App Screen 1
App Screen 3
App Screen 2

The new interface that was developed constituted of different filters through which the videos could be filtered. The illustrations were custom made to fit in the context of Pakistan but at the same time be user-friendly and attractive to children.