We are practitioners,
of Design in Pakistan

Our Agency

At Designist, we use a human-centered design approach to create meaningful experiences for people. We develop a deep understanding of human behaviours when interacting with products and services to create and evolve them into ones that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally sound

Our Goal

Our goal at Designist is to produce work that results in better human experiences, which is created because of our strong values and work culture. We deliver work which has a positive social impact for the end users and our clients. Our co-creative approach ensures that all stakeholders are involved in the design process. We make sure we show up and deliver on time. Lastly, we never forget to have fun.

How It All Started?

Designist is an Experience Design company which was founded by Hasan Habib, a multidisciplinary designer. After completing his Masters in the UK, Hasan moved to Pakistan and found himself working for several agencies. Working at these firms he realized that the companies were often just promoting products and trying to drive sales rather than understanding the customer’s needs or wants. To fill in this gap Hasan started his own agency which would focus purely on the experience the brand should deliver to its end users.

Our Clients

Let's Create Wonders Together!