Building an Ecosytem for Home and Office Automation

Mux is a home and office automation product that utilises internet-of-things technology to bring ease to customers. Designist was engaged at the conception of their company for guidance on visual identity, product design, and the UI/UX of their digital interfaces. With Pakistan being a new market for home automation, it was essential for all pieces of the puzzle to fit in perfectly to ensure customer uptake.

Brand Ideation

Our team ideated and iterated to ensure that the logo portrays the functionality of the brand, loud and clear. It incorporates associations of electric power and connectivity into the letters.


This results in a type-base that is able to visually reflect the overall functionality of the brand. The “m” signifies flow and flexibility, “u” is integrated with the power icon, and the “x” embodies connectivity with the wifi icon. Combined with the colour and font selection, we portray a young, vibrant, and innovative brand.


Brand Fonts

Packaging Design

In developing the product and its accompanying digital interfaces, our team had to ensure that the final product is not only aesthetically appealing, but also ergonomic. The switchboards, lighting panels have all been designed by our team to ensure ease of use. The same principles have been applied to the creation of the app that user’s utilise to automate their homes, as well as the portal that user’s utilise to automate larger commercial buildings.

Mux has built a platform for home and office automation in Pakistan, with the team being one of the leading practioners in the space. In 2021, their expansion  in the local market was amongst the highest in the industry. In 2022, they aim to expand their solutions into both residential and commercial buildings at scale.