Building out Fintech Solutions, driven by User Research

Our client, Abhi, approached us during their journey towards solving the financial health problem for Pakistan’s salaried class. With less than 2 million people in Pakistan having access to formal lines of credit, the team at Abhi saw an opportunity to provide early access for employees to their earned wages. We partnered with the team at Abhi to create a product design and visual identity that resonates with their users, and will be easily recognised in the tech ecosystem.

Building out Solutions

The team identified four channels that were crucial to successful product delivery – Admin Portal, Employee App, and the Employer Web Portal. Abhi and Designist collaborated to develop and filter the feature list that the ultimate product would consist of.

Product Design

A key to the success of such a product would be driven by the user research that goes into how users interact with financial products. Our team utilised a mixture of design techniques to iterate on how the experience would be perceived. From paper wireframing, to interactive prototypes, to running A/B tests with target users; viewing the problem statement from a localized lens has been very important in achieving a solution that has high product-market-fit.

Brand Identity

Multiple branding sprints were held with Abhi, where the two teams collaborated on the companies outlook, their vision, and how that was to resonate with users – resulting in the overarching design system.

Logo Structure

Our Art Director was involved in developing several iterations of a logo for Abhi. This started with ideation, sketching on paper, and once the direction was chosen – they moved towards digitization.

The finalised logo incorporates the companies name “Abhi” – which translates to “right now” in English. This is personified by the inverted triangle – making the viewer feel “in the moment”.

Brand Colours

Brand Fonts

Abhi raised $2 million in their seed round, with further rounds coming in at a valuation of $40m. They were also selected to be part of Y-Combinators Summer ‘21 batch – being only the second Pakistani fintech to be selected for YC’s summer batch. Our partnership with Abhi has been fulfilling, and their journey is just getting started – watch this space!