Creating Communication Channels for Safepay

Safepay is a digital payment acceptance platform, aiming to democratize access to payments for merchants across Pakistan. They’ve built easy-to-use, developer-friendly solutions that allow online businesses to set up payment integrations on their website or mobile app within minutes. Designist was engaged during the early stage of this startup, to build the Art Direction and Visual Identity for their brand.

Portraying Brand Values

Creating the art direction required us to collaborate with the Safepay team to pinpoint the value proposition that they want to be communicated to users – this value proposition relies on portraying characteristics such as; speed, trust, and reliability.

Our team used this foundation to create an approachable, communicative and unique art direction for the brand across all deliverables.

Communicating Effectively

A key outcome of this engagement was to effectively communicate the value of Safepay’s product to both the users and potential investors. The information architecture across the website had to be mapped out intricately to ensure that the users understood the ease and speed of the solution. 

Investment rounds

Likewise, it was important for Safepay to be able to effectively communicate to current and potential investors, the value-add of their platform. To cater for this need, our team built a framework to allow the Safepay story to be told. The Safepay pitchdeck combines effective design, with comprehensive communication.


Good design is good business, always.

Safepay has been a key player in enhancing acceptance for digital payments across Pakistan. In 2020, they were Pakistan’s first fintech to be accepted into Y-Combintor. In 2021, Safepay was further validated by the market as they raised a seven-figure seed round led by Stripe. Designist is proud to have played a part in their journey.