Redesigning a Regional Cloud Communication Platform for International Growth

e.ocean builds omni-channel communication capabilities for businesses across the world – helping them deliver a connected customer experiences across their entire business. With the local market locked down, the e.ocean team wanted to expand internationally – and that required them to enhance their visual identity alongside their product offerings. Designist helped e.cean build their brand identity to take them to the next level, whilst simultaneously building out products that are central to their core business

Building Visual Identity

With a clean slate, e.ocean and Designist sat down to build a new logo that captures the essence of e.oceans vision of being a truly global company. 

The primary colours chosen for the logo laid the foundation for a holistic design system that our team created for the client – to be applied across all their product offerings.


Brand Colours

Brand Typography




Website Design

Effectively communicating what a company does and how they do it, is a straightforward yet demanding task that required us to ideate with the e.ocean on what an ideal information architecture looks like. Using that as a platform, we then apply a UI layer that allows a website to have both form and function.

Portal Design

An important part of e.ocean’s offering is the SMS API Portal. Our key problem to solve was how to efficiently communicate key statistics, without visually overloading the user. It was also important to ensure that all aspects of the core functionality were
covered in the Portal

e.ocean continues to play a significant role in helping businesses, both local and international, enhance their communication avenues to their users. With Whatsapp Business APIs and SMS platforms, their outreach is helping companies make data-driven decisions for users.