Creating a Stimulating Work Environment through Spatial and Service Design

COLABS is Pakistan’s largest collaborative workspace thoughtfully designed to enable people and businesses to grow. They aim to inspire collaboration, productivity and innovation through their platform and network. Co-labs approached Designist to do Brand Development and propose ideas for Service and Space Design in order to improve the overall user experience for each stakeholder.

Co-Creation Session

The results were then compiled and synthesized, and Designist conducted a four-day design sprint with co-creative sessions, discussions and exercises involving all stakeholders.

The  remaining two days of the design sprint were kept for presenting research findings and discovering patterns, issues and opportunities though which challenge statements were crafted upon which ideas were generated for delivering an enhanced service.

The third day of the sprint was devoted for space design where all stakeholders took a room- by-room walkthrough and re-assessed and evaluated the floor plans, based

on insights gathered through research findings.  The last day was dedicated for re-evaluating the brand; it’s mission, vision, values, personality and the tone of voice.


This report covers a detailed description of the research questions and insights along with the challenge statements and their ideation. It also includes synthesized floor plans based on ideation exercises and a consolidated plan recommended by Designist.