Design Probes In A Pediatric Consultation Clinic

The objective of this research was to conduct design probes in the Pediatric Outpatient Consulting Clinic at Aga Khan University Hospital in order to propose ideas to improve the overall service experience including wait-time of patients and their no-shows.

Design Process

After carrying out literature search, observations, user journey maps, service safaris and service blueprints; in-depth research was done by conducting interviews, focus groups and conversations with different stakeholders in order to identify their pain-points and to obtain their feedback about the current service of the clinic.

The research was then compiled and synthesized and challenge statements were composed based on the research insights.

Design Process

Keeping in mind the feedback from all the users, ideation sessions were conducted in house at Designist and a co-creative session was also administered at the hospital with doctors, coordinators, managers and nurses. Once the ideation was completed, the ideas were categorized and then shortlisted. The shortlisted ideas were described in detail in the report along with the research insights about the service, space, layout and facilities available at the clinic.

Service Design Blueprint

The final research findings and proposed solutions were well received by the hospital management, and an implementation plan was formulated right away to bring the ideas to life. The proposed ideas were not only for improving the patients’ and their attendants’ experience at AKUH but also working towards the overall efficiency of the clinic. There was also a focus on enhancing the day-to-day experiences of the other stakeholders involved including doctors, nurses, receptionists and clinic administrators.