Enabling Access to Education for Youth in Urban and Rural Areas

Sabaq is an EdTech company helping integrate technology in primary classrooms in Pakistan through the SABAQ tablet. The tablet houses numeracy and literacy lessons for students from kindergarten up to Grade 5. Designist was engaged by Sabaq to conduct heuristic evaluation, usability testing and propose new designs in order to make the app user friendly.

User Research

Our team began by conducting extensive design research, during which we visited Government Schools and Sabaq Learning Centers to learn how users were using the current Sabaq app. We observed how teachers and students were using the tablets with this existing educational content. After shadowing the users, we conducted focus groups with teachers and to gain insight into the challenges they faced with the usability of the app.

With a deeper understanding of how users were interacting with the technology – we conducted a heuristic evaluation of the app and started mapping the user journeys. With insights into how the app was currently being used, and the challenges the users were facing, we conducted ideation sessions to develop solutions for the problems faced by users. 

Behavioural Observation

The team visited schools in Mir Pur Khaas to observe how the Sabaq app is currently being used and to understand the interactions the children have with the app.

The main challenge the users faced was navigating through the app. We also identified that the app was being used differently at the Government Schools vs Sabaq Learning Centers. We designed new flows for both scenarios. Based on our insights, we redesigned the information architecture. We then created wireframes and tested with our users. 

Multiple feedback cycles helped us iterate our design, and then prepare the new art direction and interface. The new art direction and interface were developed and tested, with several designs subsequently integrated into the final product.

Sabaq tablets have a presence in over 1000 schools across Pakistan. Through this platform, they’ve been able to impact the lives of over 250,000 students.  
Studies performed on the users of the platform found that nearly 90% of students who were previously struggling in performance are now at grade-level.
We’re thrilled to have played a part in the democratization of education!