Over all Brand Experience for Husaini

Our relationship with Husaini began in 2012 when we did a rebrand for their organization. Since then we have been working on their communication, UI/UX and service design.

Brand Identity Design

We have adapted their brand identity across all their platforms, run social media campaigns for them, improved their service delivery and worked on their signage for their new state of the art medical facility.

Logo Design & Philosophy

The Husaini symbol is a combination of many messages within it’s design. Firstly each petal is in the shape of a blood drop and spells Husaini in the Urdu and Arabic language. This represents what the brand stands for in delivering safe blood. Secondly the blood drop is rotated five times to represent the “Panjatan” in the Muslim Shia belief system. This rotation also takes the shape of a flower which is a symbol of love, hope and compassion. Lastly the choice of red represents love, blood and the colour for health.

Initial Sketch

Sketch Rotated To Form A Flower

Corporate Colour Introduced

Style Guide

Stationary Design

Website Design