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Design Research
Usability Testing

Design Research & Usability Testing

Careem is one of the first movers in the Pakistani ride-sharing market. The company is present in South Asia and the MENA region. Valued at over $2 billion and after being acquired by Uber, the company is now the largest transportation network company in the region. As one of the largest digital platforms in the region, Careem articulates its purpose as one that simplifies and improves the lives of people in the market.

Careem commissioned Designist primarily for Usability Testing of their newly designed packages for rides. It was done in order to know more about customers and their priorities while using the product in their daily routine. Seperate sessions of Usability Testing were done for any new product roll outs which included Careem Now and Careem Pay.

Careem Bike

With the launch of Careem Bike in 2018, Designist’s challenge was to conduct in-depth research on the needs and pain points of those rising bikes (Captains) in Karachi. This was key to driving actionable insights for strategic decision making in the service’s development cycle. Designist’s scope of work included service safari or an ethnographic method of understanding user journeys, shadowing bikers and conducting in-depth interviews with key stakeholders. To help create empathy within the team and for UX purposes, behavioural insights were acquired through a detailed persona development of the captains.

Bike Captain Journey