Project Role

Field Research
Stakeholder Interviews
Heuristic Evaluation of UI

Comprehensive Evaluation of Engro Rahbar Platform

Engro Fertilizers Limited engaged Designist to conduct a comprehensive evaluation on their Engro Rahbar platform from a usability and design perspective.

This platform serves as a planner for all the stakeholders who are working to increase the yield for the recruited farmers and provide them with solutions/facilities to ensure a higher yield. It is a one stop shop for the farmer to engage with Engro and get a complete solution of farming (sowing, growing, maintaining and harvesting). This platform required multiple stakeholder types that facilitate the entire process. The platform depends on two stakeholder types. One is the FO who is a direct interaction with the farmer who is the basis of the whole system. Second is the management that monitors and directs the team to align their efforts towards a goal to ensure their achievement of their end goal.

The system was designed for basic actions but with the expansion in functionalities, and growing business needs, it evolved into a complex system, that required holistic design. The stakeholders had multiple challenges performing actions on the platform which deterred the management in tracking their performance.

Designist was brought on board to evaluate the entire platform and understand the user’s pain points and understand the rationale behind each feature by the management.

Heuristics evaluation was conducted on 380 screens. We also conducted user research through usability testing and interviews, with field officers and supervisors as well management team in the Head office in Sindh and Punjab. The research gave insight into not only into user’s pain-points and suggestions for the modules they were using, but also for other modules connected to their own.

The results of the heuristic evaluation and field research were shared with Engro during extensive round table discussions with relevant stakeholders. This activity helped Engro to revisit their decisions and streamline the process by re-imagining various functionalities that may not be a basic user need or are currently a hindrance in performing a task.