Multinet – Customer Management System

Project Role

UX/UI Design
Prototying/Visual Design

Designing a Customer Management System

Designist collaborated with Multinet to design a digital platform which enabled Multinet customers to manage their internet connections and maintain their accounts.

The digital platform allowed for Enterprise companies to check the status of their individual circuits (connections in their branches and offices), apply for new circuits, request support and manage their billing.

This platform addressed two main needs. Initially, enterprise companies did not know if there circuits were running or inactive unless they placed a call to Multinet. Their billing was also only done via emails or paper bills. If any support was needed the IT Managers of the companies had to contact Multinet to register their complaint. The Multinet App provided a one stop solution for any interaction with Multinet.

Impact of the platform on internal efficiencies of Multinet was the reduced volume of calls to Multinet customer support, and management of all support queries easily through a unified system.

In order to complete the project Designist identified the challenges Multinet and Enterprise companies faced in managing their circuits and accounts. Based on these challenges we drafted a strategy to design an app and web portal.

App Walk Through


Wireframes were made keeping in mind the goals and expectations of the company for the usage of the app as well as the experience of the user which was enhanced by colors and visual hierarchy created in the app.

Finalized UI