Project Role

Brand Identity Design

Brand Development, UX/UI Design and Product Strategy for Stashio

Stashio is an ingenious new organization system for one’s handbag, backpack, or just about anywhere you need to use it. Stashio is hand made, and it’s modular magnetic system allows you to attach/detach storage compartments and intuitively rearrange them in any arrangement you want. It really makes life simple, we use them at our agency to!

We have played a big role in bringing this brand to life. We have essentially been an extension of the Stashio team for a few years where we have supported in a number of different ways. Our main goal was to bring the brand to life. We set the foundation by establishing the look and feel of the brand and then continued to create brand assets. We worked on everything from the character animation, website, labels, packaging, stationary and stop motion. Below is a show case of some of the work we did.

Stop-Motion Animation


Website Design

Amazon Store

Character Animations