Project Role

UI/UX Design

Branding and UI/UX Design for Verifapp

Verifapp is a platform that enables you to manage the verification of your users through multiple channels. They provide a multi layered security approach and allow their customers to integrate with multiple mobile operators at the back end making it always possible for their customers to receive their OTP’s.

Our goal for the project was to create their Brand Identity, Back end Portal and Website. We captured the essence of the brand in the wordmark it self and used the letter V in the symbol of a tick mark to represent the completion of verification.

Since the portal was first of its kind we took a minimalistic approach to create lowfidelity wireframes first, test it out in a workable prototype before moving to the final dashboard design. User testing was conducted after the product was developed as back end integrations were required for us to fully grasp how the product would operate.

Additionally by having a deep understanding of how the data would feed in to the system we had to manage how to provide users with key data visualizations so they could monitor the performance of their verifications.

Logo Ideation

Final Logo

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Brand Application

Portal Design

Website Design

Icon Animation